Many Pennsylvania veterans and their families are suffering, homeless or in distress and great need.  PVAF and VVPI were created to help our local heroes but we are grossly underfunded
Unlike many national organizations with high overhead that provide needed services limited to 30 - 60 cents on the dollar they receive, we are a 100% volunteer organization and donate 95-97% of all funds we receive locally.The remainder is used for administrative expenses such as this web site and postage.   We are in desperate need of sponsors and created this page for that purpose.  
We are looking for corporate, business and personal sponsors who are looking for the personal satisfaction that they get by helping our local heroes and their families.  
We have four levels of sponsorships in each category and all sponsors will receive a certificate of Thanks from PVAF in addition to other benefits listed. 
All sponsorships are annual donations to maintain your status. 
To become a sponsor make your contribution on our donation site or send a check to PVAF C/O Jake Barsottini, 624 4th St. Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.  You may also contact any one of our officers on the who are we page.
Corporate Sponsorship:
Silver        $  500.00  Your business card and silver recognition posted on this site
Gold         $1,000.00 Your business card and gold recognition posted on this site
Diamond  $2,000.00 Your business card, diamond recognition and a link to your web site
Platinum  $3,000.00 Your business card, platinum recognition and a link to your web site
Un-incorporated small business sponsors:  
Silver            $   250.00  Your business card and silver recognition posted on this site
Gold             $   500.00   Your  business card, gold recognition and a link to your web site                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Diamond      $   750.00   Your business card and diamond recognition posted on this site
Platinum      $1,000.00   Your business card, platinum recognition and a link to your web site
Personal Sponsors:  (you may opt out of having your name posted.
Silver            $     50.00  Your Name, (In honor or memory of, if applicable) and silver recognition  
Gold              $  100.00  Your Name, (In honor or memory of, if applicable) and gold recognition
Diamond       $  250.00  Your Name, (In honor or memory of, if applicable) and diamond recognition
Platinum       $  500.00  Your Name, (In honor or memory of, if applicable) and platinum recognition