Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund
 Subsidiary of Associates of Vietnam Veterans PA State Asociation


Mission Statement

"The mission of the Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund is to foster, encourage and promote the improvement of the condition of all veterans and their families by helping existing or future programs work toward this goal."

Under our "Articles of Incorporation" the corporation is organized, and shall be operated exclusively for scientific, charitable and educational purposes:

  • to help foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of all veterans.
  • to promote physical and cultural improvement, growth and development, self-respect, self confidence, and usefulness of veterans.
  • To help homeless veterans and eliminate homelessness for our proud heroes and their families.
  • To help incarcerated veterans improve, overcome whatever issues they have, including substance abuse, and restore their dignity so they become active contributors to our society.
  • to eliminate discrimination suffered by veterans and to develop channels of communication which will assist veterans to maximize self-realization and enrichment of their lives and enhance life­ fulfillment.
  • to improve the social welfare and quality of life of veterans especially in the areas of employment, education, training and health.
  • to conduct and publish research, on a non-partisan basis, pertaining to the relationship between veterans and the American society, the role of the United States in securing peaceful co-existence for the world community, and other matters which affect the social, economic, educational, or physical welfare of veterans.
  • to assist disabled and needy veterans and their dependents, and the widows and orphans of deceased veterans.

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