Grant Application Policy

I. Purpose:

The purpose of the Grant Application is to insure that the assets of the Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund are used for the purposes and by organizations that conform with the laws of the Common wealth of Pennsylvania and the Federal Government.

This policy augments the procedures in the policy in the Grant Program Synopsis and will remain in effect until modified or rescinded. Recommendations for improvement of this policy should be addressed to the Board of the Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund.

II. Responsibility

The Executive Committee will be responsible for the enforcement and compliance with the provisions contained here in.


  1. Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund will provide funding to the general veteran public and should fall into one of the following categories:
    1. Education Programs pertaining to:
      • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • Homelessness
      • Dioxin/Agent Orange
      • Toxic Exposure
      • Veterans sick and in distress
      • Disabled Veterans
      • Blind Veterans
      • HIV/AIDS Awareness
      • Veterans and Their Families in Financial Distress
      • Veterans Incarcerated or In the Justice System
      • Veterans and Families in Need
    2. Programs which support transitional housing for homeless veterans and veterans incarcerated;
    3. Programs in conjunction with local hospitals to support veterans and their dependents special needs;
    4. A posible state wide Scholarship Program, which would benefit veterans and their dependents;
    5. Lend Financial and/or Educational Support in the continuing public educational process with regard to all veterans.

Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund will contribute up to $500.00 within a one year period for any of the above mentioned proposed projects until such time as PVAF can provide more funding.

Each applicant must prove to PVAF that their project is a viable and workable project worthy of a grant from PVAF. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PVAF PROVIDE THE ENTIRE COST OF ANY PROJECT.

Grants to individuals, even though approved by the Board of Directors, MUST BENEFIT VETERANS, and/or their families.

IV. Request Procedures

Any individual, committee, company, corporation, etc., requesting grant funding must submit a completed Grant Request to the Board of Directors. An incomplete form will be returned to the individual, committee, etc.

The following documentation will be required to be attached to the Grant Request:

Documentation and/or Proof that the organization, committee, company, corporation, etc., is a not-for-profit entity dealing with veterans;

Documentation and/or proof that the individual veteran is in need;

Documentation and/or proof that the organization is directly related to veterans issues;

V.Policy Management and Enforcement

The Board of Directors shall administer this policy on behalf of Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund.